Forest medicine.


I’m back. Well sort of…in body at least, while my mind and spirit drift in and out of the bliss of being off the grid, immersed in nature for a week. It was perfect; actually it was more than perfect – more; because I let go of the concept of perfection and started to feel like a real human soul again.  Sounds all heavy duty but keeping up the facade, the expectations of yourself and others can be taxing and tiring and quite frankly rob you of your natural state of being.  I felt. I felt relief to be away, to be somewhere quiet and unreachable.  I felt safe and secure. I felt real gratitude for having this time – time for myself. I felt happy just to be and I felt sad for the loss of Angus – real sadness – not just Facebook sadness; if you know what I mean. I spoke my worries out loud and let them out, then breathed in all the possibilities.  I let my weary body rest. A lot. On the deck, in the grass, in the sun and floating in the rapids of my magic river.  I needed to rest.   I sat still. So still I could feel the breeze and hear it speak. So still I could identify a diverse choir of birds singing, I heard a tree fall in the forest and I mastered the distinction between chipmunk and squirrel pitter patter.  I sat still for hours simply feeding the munks peanuts, petting their little furry bums and speaking snerney berney – you want to talk about Zen. I let my creativity loose. Everyday channeling my spirit into an artful expression.  Creating a space in my woods to invite magic back in, a place to give thanks, make wishes, speak truths and remind me that magic is real. I experienced a whole new rhythm – one that doesn’t include an alarm or a clock. One that seemed to last an eternity until the sky was filled with every last star in the heavens.  I fed my spirit beauty –flowers, trees, dusty earth, steaming sun showers, the musk of a crackling fire and cooling of a skinny dip in my golden river under a full moon. I thought a lot. I talked, I shared, and I laughed so much with my wonderful friend – a kindred spirit who is kind, patient, funny and wise.  And of course we also ate and drank like queens, wore tie-dyed sun dresses, slathered our bodies in lotion and gathered freckles in the sun while perfecting our law of 3 – Dip…Sip…Chips…we got very good at it.

On the last morning my friend and I each chose an oracle card – we had been doing this every day to see what messages we needed to receive. Each message had relevance, was interesting to contemplate and in the least was something fun to chat about.  But on this last morning I drew a card that I knew was mine.  “Rainbow” – “The storm has passed, it is now time to enjoy the beauty. The blending of all the elements have come together in perfect harmony to create one of the most beautiful sights in all Creation. Blessings of abundance are yours…and not in some academic mantra that has no heart or depth – but in a genuine pathway that creates a bridge to your purpose.  OK, I’ll take that.  Thank you Kamperslut.


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