Off to the woods.


I’m leaving for a week to lie in the arms of Mother Nature at my cottage. To flow in the rapids of the Big East river and let everything go downstream. I’m going to sink into the grass and catch freckles while feeding chipmunks peanuts placed on my belly.  I’m going to count stars, planets, galaxies and make a lot of wishes. I’m going to drum beside the intoxicating essence of a roaring fire, living by the light of a full moon.  I’m going to sit in a field sipping whisky while curious fawns come closer to share a slice of apple. I’m going to make art; every day and become one with my environment, with the elements.  I’m going to breathe it all in and replenish my soul.

This is heaven on earth. 10 wild acres on a crown land river that meanders 2-3 hours to Faerie Lake. A simple cabin with no electricity, no running water – just a wood stove, a propane frig to keep the beer cold, and a stovetop to make the best coffee ever. Deep lush forests, with secret paths taking turns to discover sacred circles or a quick bridge over to Faerie Island where the giant lives in a treehouse that puts the Taj Mahal to shame.

Kamperslut is a magical place.  Yes I said Kamperslut. For those who may not understand the name – allow me to explain. I love camping, I love nature, I also love buttertarts, hamsters, blackberries….love, love, love …is there not another word that can take this expression up a notch or ten?  Just simply “loving” something doesn’t really define my uber elevated expression of massive loviation for this place.  And so in search of a word…that could properly describe my desires – I thought I’d redefine the word “slut”. (Because it has a lot of chutzpah about it)

Slut. /slət|/ An extreme intensity of “vanting, needing, must having” that defies and over powers all previous levels defined by humankind and transcends existing degrees of yearning, coveting, impassion, craving, itching, lusting, hungering, thirsting and suspiring for to possess or have.

Example:       I am a nature slut.   I slut for nature.

To “slut” for something is a deep rooted and spiritual commitment to your inner being that resonates beyond the realm of antiquated language and laws.   It is the epiphanic divine manifestation of a moment – one of sudden revelation and supernatural essentiality of life.   And to make it even more slut-worthy … you can only slut for one thing…and hence I am a Kamperslut and named my cottage the same. (And now I am hoping you are all thinking about what one singular ultimate thing you “slut for”).

There’s a way of the land at Kamperslut… unlike anywhere else on this planet.  Visible and invisible waves of soul dust that trigger and tease the nooks and crannies of your thoughts and dose them in the shower of joy and pure magic that is all around.  A peculiar psyche and transcendental vortex of sorts, a gale force of inspiration, an eddy of flow that spirals into the very chi that creates life. A place and a space where the time traveler’s key unlocks the mind’s door to the other realities.  A magically curious place where the manifestation of ideas and expressions are free and everything is a beautiful state of being.

There is magic in d’em dar woods!  I’ve felt it and I’ve seen it with my very own eyes.  From floating Faerie orbs and dragonfly soirees to rubbing whiskers with wild rabbits and sky clad river dipping under a full moon. I am here.  I am happy and I am home.

See yas in a week xx  Elfa

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