My Burning Man.


Where does one start? To tell a story that perpetually unfolds and magically morphs with every thought? How does one describe an other world, unseen, and unimaginable by most? A surreal, dreamlike time and space where infinite possibility thrives in every grain of sand. A realm built on earthly reality, yet ethereally unreal – completely tangible, viscerally invisible and consciously perceived.

An eddy of rhythmic flow, full of fierce force and at the same time as gentle as a feather’s wisp. A continuous current of chaos, lulled by calm; an explosive combustion, quietly quenched in solitude – all occurring as natural as our breath.  It’s a place for wishes to be planted daily on dusty plains, watered by will. A serendipitous fantasy, salacious in imaginative foreplay, teasing and taking you deeper and deeper into a whimsical mindscape you have only dared to dream existed.

It is more than a carnival or stage. It is far beyond the costumes and personas. It is art and the art of self-expression. It’s an adventure for the imagination. An illuminated illusion made real. A journey for the soul and the brave of heart. It is also a test. One that will unearth you. A test of will and power, against the elements, the deprivation, the plethora, the roller coaster of emotions and a hardcore beholding of yourself.  Everything is magnified, intensified and verified. You’ll play a game of truth and consequences – sometimes you’ll win, other times you’ll lose and the prize is always constant.

And if you dare – Burning Man is a sacred relinquishing, a welcoming invitation into a vortex that will strip you naked, then wrap you in the most illuminated blanket, fluffed with acceptance, applause, encore and a calling to come home, to be free and reveal your true self.

Burning Man was an island of inspiration. A gift to my senses –the vibration of silence at sunrise, the sultry kiss of sun on my skin, and the whirling winds guiding my course. The playa was a playground. A utopian expanse to escape the ordinary, explore, discover, and unveil the extraordinary. A labyrinth of nooks and crannies, peep holes and glimpses – all clues and signs that I am on the right path. My mind’s eye forever etched in reflections of artistic genius. My spirit sashayed across a mecca of marvel, filling and fueling the corridors of my imagination with vividly wild wonder.

As a community, it is a not so distant planet populated with a newfound phenom of people, my people – a motley crew of the curious and uncommon; larger than life characters, creators, star lights and moonbeams; destined connections and new soulmates – all our stories shared, realized and cherished. All lessons in love, providing an awe-inspiring revelation of self-awareness so profound it tickled me and made me weep. I heard the words, I felt the feels; and it’s all safely tucked in close to my heart to hold on to, to remember for the rest of time.

Burning Man was also a hell of a lot of insane fun!  A wildly spontaneous circus without nets. A raceway of psychedelic wheels and parade of flamboyant floats. A nomadic caravan of gypsies, clowns, unicorns and intergalactic kindred spirits. It was a home, away from home where I met my new family for the first time. A tribe of fellow freak flag waving, tutu wearing, Mad Hatter hallowed be thy name, dare-devil, sparkly cape crusaders of pure juicy jubilation and joy – all flourishing in an explosive environment that bares the most open-hearted generosity, wiggly- giggly wanton freedom, surrounded by an abundance of effervescent one love acceptance with the promise of renewal offered daily on a dusty pillow.

Burning Man is what they say, “a city in the desert, a culture of possibility, and a network of dreamers and doer.” It was also intensely breathtaking, awe-inspiring, contagiously radical and soul-stretching transformative. I felt the most alive in my entire life – challenged, cared for and changed for the better. It gifted me an epic, life renewing, re-opening of the vault – an insatiable desire to do more, learn more, share more, love more and be so much more myself!

This is just the beginning and I can’t wait for what’s coming!

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