After the dust settles.


Hold onto your unicorn horn!  What I’m about to share will tickle the corridors of your mind, with hope to inspire and prove that magic is real. Talk about a whirlwind ride!  I’m fresh off the sand of the most amazing life experience at Burning Man, where I was gifted the opportunity to engage in a cosmic connection that collaborated with my deepest intentions. I invited change into my world. I planted seeds in the dust to turn the pages of my already extraordinary life and create a new chapter.  I welcomed a quest. An adventure that would lead me to greater experiences. A chance to expand my awareness, crack open the vault and uncover a greater purpose for my talents, for my mind, spirit, heart and soul.  I wished for it, I was willing and ready.

And the winds of change came – like a beautiful gust of sweet, summer air they lifted me off my little size five feet, spun me around, tickled me inside and out of my expected reality, gently landing me on my new fluffy path…or as I like to thinkof it – my red carpet.

Funny how things happen.  Just a few days back from Burning Man, my employer of 8 years lost their biggest client and set fifteen of us free.  The gift of this surprize party – a generous severance that will reward me the time and security to purse my next great adventure.  How’s that for magic?

So am I looking for work?  Yes and no.  Work in its traditional sense no longer exists as a term in my vocabulary. I am looking for joyful, authentic self- expression. I am celebrating my gifts as an abundant creative writer and want to contribute to a company or project that will inspire its readers and consumers. I want to tell stories and express emotive narratives that encourage questions and unveil realizations. Sure…. it can be about toilet paper or saving the world – it’s all how you approach it. I want to collaborate with a company, a team and projects that value and respect the creative process. So if you know of anyone looking for a moxie, magic-maker writer, I would be ever grateful for the connection.

I am also looking to travel, to explore myself and my world. Africa has been calling me for decades and my heart is ready to answer. It’s been my dream since learning to sew as a child, to one day teach other women to sew. I’ve dabbled on a small scale, but now realize I want to make this happen in Africa. I want to give back what my Mother gave me, an artful expression and a practical skill that will not only bring creative joy, but help encourage independence and self- sufficiency in their lives and community. If you have any ideas or experiences that can help me make this dream a reality, I would be so excited to speak with you.

So what’s next?  I am laying stepping stones…and they are really pretty ones; bedazzled in jewels, sparkled with faerie dust and grounded in truth. I am lifting the veil…clearing space and inviting extraordinary possibilities into my world.  And I am trusting – not always easy – but I am trusting and believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is my time.  I’ve been given a gift and I plan to cherish it, celebrate it and put it to its best purpose.

Let the adventure begin!

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