Oh that old story.


I love a good story. You know the kind that is filled with mystery, mayhem and mischief. A story with interesting, quirky and complicated characters who delve deeply into the caverns of adventure, the unknown, unreasonable and unbelievable. I like being taken on a mind-boggling journey somewhere I’ve never been or never have imagined, full of surprises, torrid twists and turns passion and panic, crisis and climax!

Now I have a pretty awesome imagination. I also spend lots of time day dreaming, noodling and contemplaying (yes I meant that) different scenarios…like when I get my Oscar, when I meet Javier Barden, or being an international spy. I also think I’m a pretty good story teller…full of exclamation and exaggeration and can weave a yarn that has my audience perched on the edge of their seats.

Last week I caught myself telling myself the same, certain story over and over. It’s not a great story; in fact it never has a happy ending.  It’s full of scary situations, dead ends and “oh why bother, I give up…I’ll never be able to do that”. It’s a story I must have been told many, many years ago, and now I’ve made it part of my fabric of being.  Maybe it’s out of habit, but more likely it’s out of fear.  And we all know I can’t stand being afraid of anything. Three cheers for “Feel Everything And Rebel”!  So this weekend I re-wrote a few stories; set new scenarios, switched up the characters, gave my leading lady a bundle of new superpowers, re-worded her rally cry and set a stage for success. Then I crumbled up the old stories and threw them in the trash because she won’t be needing them anymore. She had to lower her armor, admit a few vulnerabilities (which she detests) but knows it will serve her so much better. I softened some corners, stood still on my ground and opened my heart to a new tale, a new ending and a new beginning.

Just remember, whatever story you’re telling yourself, make sure that it is serving you to be your most awesomest sauciest being.

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