Go on…you know you want to!


You’ve been thinking about it forever.  It’s on your must-have, must-do, gotta-see-it-taste-it-wonder-what-it’s-all-about-list. It tickles the corridors of your mind, poking and prodding …pushing you to dare.  Sometimes you have inkling, a hunch or whisper in your ear to go for it, investigate, and ponder the possibility!  Sometimes it’s an unanswered question, a conundrum or unsolved mystery longing to be uncovered. Sometimes you have no clue and it comes at you out of the blue, with the curled finger, pulling you closer to sneak a peek, crack open the door, look beyond the curtain and take a step in. And sometimes you never knew it existed until you already halfway stumbled into the vortex.

Curious what’s behind door #2?  Waiting to try something forever? Wonder how fish breathe under water? How about how tarantula taste or how to play the tuba? Maybe you’ve always wanted to climb Machu Picu or swim with sharks or want to experience what it feels like to sky dive, scuba dive, sing on a stage, run a marathon, kiss a monkey or go to Burning Man? What are you waiting for?  Permission? You’ve got it!  You own your will, your fortitude, and your ballsy brazen bravery pants of bold!

Curiosity is a vital life force. It’s a fired up catalyst to learn, explore, investigate and push our boundaries so we can realize what makes us tick and tock or not. It’s the why we are here, the purpose, the journey and discovery. It’s our awakening. Sure it can be nervy or scary – so tippy-toe into adventure or bolt in like lightening – just do it; don’t listen to the naysayers or no you can’ters … be an intrepid adventurer of the unknown!  Lift the veils! Open the vault! Unleash the lid! Bounce forward with moxie and hutzpah!  Be a ballsy brazen warrior of the bold – because life is meant to be lived full on!

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