My Burning desire.

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Something amazing is happening.  It’s taken a heck of a long time to be this close to something I’ve really, really, really, really wanted for a really really long time. In fact, I’ve been lighting the flame for over 35 years; sometimes very consciously, other times unbeknownst to myself – but the point is when the time is right – the magic makes shit happen!

I’ve been so lucky in my life so far to have done and seen some pretty awesome sauce things and it’s always been driven my insatiable curiosity to explore our world, the universe, what makes us tick or tock, what makes me, me and how to become a better me, a better us with an aim to one love. Travelling to amazing faraway lands has gifted me with perspective, appreciation and a sneak peek into the realm of other cultures.  Being in nature, and experiencing remarkable nature continues to fuel and fill my spirit with wonder, awe and proof magic is real. Choosing to be open-minded and open-hearted has bestowed my life with the most extraordinary people who share, celebrate and personify courageous, authentic self- expression.  So what’s next?

Burning Man of course!

It’s been a dream of mine, since my twenties to go to this other worldly reunion of kindred spirits… or as the Burners say – “return home”.  Simply put – Burning Man is “A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreams and doers.  This year’s theme is “Radical Ritual” – a celebration, an exploration, a revelation of yet to be.  There is no point in defining or describing it – as I believe it is something I need to experience.

And I want to experience this.  I’ve manifested it for decades. This January, I built a little Burning Man temple, where I place my hopes and dreams on a daily basis. I’ve connected and been accepted to an incredible tribe of like-minded souls who have invited me to become part of their Burning Man camp and family; and tomorrow… Wednesday, March 22 at 3pm the universe opens its portal to the first step in getting a ticket to the event.  I’m going. I know it. I’m meant to be there…but if you could all just send out a little breath of loviation in that direction for me, my spirit will soar to the moon and beyond the stars and when I go, I promise to tuck you all into my make believe pocket and take you along for the ride!  Peace, Love & light! xxx

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