Pompoms, faerie dust and feathers.


Last week I read a line that spoke volumes to me…”in a gentle way, you can shake the world”. I instantly thought of pompoms, which led me to sprinkling faerie dust and lastly tickling someone with feathers.

It got me thinking about how harsh, how aggressive, how savage our world has become, how the art of patience, benefit of the doubt and second chances has been lost to wars of words and worse. How people have such a bit chip on their shoulders (man that must be heavy to carry around), and the weight of holding onto that grudge or always scrunching your nose up making “that” face of distain. It takes a lot of energy to be grumpy, to be angry, to carry hurt, hang-ups and worse hatred.

So on my hopscotch path to life I ‘m going carry this light thought with me and offer it up to you too….

When you feel like swinging a bat – tickle with a feather.

When someone is spewing “YOU SUCK” obscenities at you – throw some sparkles at them or hand them a unicorn sticker.

When someone (or yourself) is stomping mad – grab those pompoms and shake it baby shake!

“Better than a thousand useless words is one single word that gives peace” Take the gentle path.  The Dhammapada


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