Be brave, heart.


I like to call myself a Warrior Princess.  My armor is light, fluffy and most likely pink or rainbow in colour. My shield, a candy-coated marshmallow.  My weapon, an invisible sword that’s power lies in my spoken and unspoken thoughts. My strategy – a sunny disposition, with squishy hugs.  But under this sacchariferous veneer is a ferocious warrior.

I use to be the biggest scardy-cat; filled with fear of everything. As a child I was paralyzed by having to open my mouth, answer a teacher’s question, be the new kid at school, make new friends and stand up to meanies. I lived most of my younger life walking on egg shells, waiting for the bomb to go off.  Sometimes the bombs did go off and other times they didn’t, and eventually I realized this state of impending 911 fear, assuming the worse and believing I needed to control everything was no way to live. That’s when I called upon my inner warrior to emerge.  I realized I can’t control anything and there’s no point waiting for a herd of ravenous rhinos when what’s likely around the bend is a box of kittens.  I also realized filling my brain with forbidding thoughts was a waste of precious imagination and began to trust in best case scenarios instead.  I also declared my voice and my presence worthy – worthy to be heard and worthy to stand up for.  Now none of these super powers happened over night and I continue to polish and practice wielding my sword every day. The work is worth the sweat, because my friendship with fear has led me to great freedom and strength. Be brave. Eat fear for breakfast!

Here are a few tips on “How to break through insurmountable fear” from “How to Live Like a Chipmunk and Other Tips for Living an Awesome Sauce Life”.

  1. Feel everything and revel in it. (F.E.A.R.).
  2. Trust that fearing something is way worse than facing it and by not facing it you are choosing to hold onto it.
  3. Get some perspective on the situation. Ask yourself what is so scary? Compare it to being eaten by a bear…one limb at a time.
  4. Be prepared (Brownie of the year 1969) with an escape plan or two in your back pocket.
  5. Take a deep breath and … push send, ask them out, ask for help, speak your mind, say yes, say no, embrace discomfort, embody hope.
  6. Trust that you will probably, most certainly survive and be way stronger, smarter and braver!  AND you will have earned a badge!

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