365 Days.


There were Mondays, hump days, sunny days and stormy days. There were Red Wine Fridays, birthdays, holidays and vacation days. There were Saturday shopping days, lunching with the ladies days, sun tanning days, gardening days, sewing Sundays and absolutely do nothing days. There were good hair days and fat days; feeling hot and sexy days, as well as hot flashing menopausing monster days. There were kill the TTC days and crap I forgot my umbrella days just as there were oh the kindness of strangers and listening to the birds sing days. There were days I celebrated the air that I breathe with bliss-filled joy. There were also days I struggled, worried and was angry. There were play days, sick days and mental health days. There were workdays, not quite enough, but there were workdays. There were days I was awestruck, grateful and deeply moved. Days where the moon was bigger, the stars brighter and love bountiful. There were days spent with friends, kids, critters, Kampersluts and alone. Days in nature, in the river, in the woods, in my magic place. There were days a toad attacked me, I got a tattoo, my book got published and I went back to blonde. There were days where I lost my way, my voice, my mind and heart. There were days I was a warrior princess, strong, fierce and brave. There were days I wanted to scream so loud and days I loved even louder. There were days that didn’t make any sense until later days to come. There sad days when I lost Fiend and Angus. And the happy days I found Charlie and Sadie. There were days where people surprised me – both beautifully generous and shockingly hurtful. There were days I laughed my ass off and days I cried till the well was dry. Some of the days were filled with elated joy, excitement and hope, while others teetered on anxiety, loss and heartache.  Some days were just a day.

365 Days.  A little older, a lot wiser. A little heavier, but less giving a shit. Absolutely more Awesome Sauce, creative, self-expressive and self-assured. Consciously more grateful, kind, authentic and calm.

365 Days. Lucky to have lived each and every one of them. Grateful for the lessons and the love. So excited for the magic I know is coming – so here’s to the next 365 days.  Choose to live them with awe, adventure, appreciation and joy!  Happy New Day!

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