Going for the gold.


I’ve decided I am going to become an Olympic swimmer.  It all hit me last week when I was watching our Canadian girls splash like lightning through the lanes and win medal after medal after medal.  I’ve got the whole wiggle the arms, clap my thighs, step up to the board, hold onto the edge, get on my mark, touch my toes and then launch into thin air propelling myself like a flying fish flipping in and out of the surf to reach the end with a somersault twist, kicking like an Irish sword dancer on fire then stretching beyond my fingertips to reach the wall first.  I got this.

Now you may think it’s unrealistic of me…I’m a bit older, ok a lot older, and sure I have my share of broken bones and maybe I’m not in perfect shape and so what I can’t touch my toes and at 5’4” don’t have the body for a swimmer and shoulda been training for the last 30 decades …yadda yadda yadda.  Whatevrs.  For the love of dog – don’t rain on my podium.  I want this.

I’m a very good swimmer. Little do you know that my nickname growing up was “the mermaid” and at 5 years of age my Dad took me to the pool, turned his back for a second and I was up the diving board ladder and jumping off at 40 feet without a care in the world…and btw I only had my tadpole swimming badge.  I’ve swam across a lake with leeches sucking on my butt,  saved a man from drowning, taken a dip in the Big East in February and was a mermaid for Halloween twice.  Just saying.

Point is – when you want something, I mean really really want it – NOTHING stands in your way.  And the more you tell me I can’t…I’ll show you I can.

I have destiny…I am on the path to greatest.  It may be on a podium, on a TED Talk stage, or in Africa teaching women to sew.  It may be between pages or painted on a rock. It may be atop a mountain or quietly contemplating bliss while sitting in the woods.  It may be silent or it may be really loud – but one thing for sure – it’s happening. Here and now, moment after moment and I am on my way and nothing is going to stop me.

On my mark…

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