Faeries in the chandelier.


When I was little my Dad created this magical nightly ritual where my sister and I would gather underneath the chandelier and we would talk to the faeries. We’d tell them our wishes, happy thoughts for our friends and family; we‘d tell them our fears and then go to sleep knowing they were there to watch over us.  I still talk to the faeries; although now they live in my squirrel lamp.

I’ve been called eclectic, eccentric, whimsical, weird, kooky and full on bat shit crazy. Thank you. Being normal (whatever that is…besides a setting on a washing machine) would be the death of me.  I have no interest in gray, vanilla, middle of the road or ordinary. I aspire and want to inspire much, much more. I believe in the unbelievable, intangible and invisible. I believe in magic, miracles and shit wonders… because why not?  What kind of world would it be if everything was predicable, explainable and calculable?  What kind of world would it be without unicorns and faeries?

I speak to animals and believe they understand everything I say. This makes sense to me because I completely understand everything they are saying to me…and really you can never have too many friends.

I believe I was born on a star. That’s what my Dad told me and he would never lie to me.

I believe invisible things are real. Things like Santa, faeries, spirits, monsters under the bed, hope and possibilities. Just like love…you feel them with your heart and soul, and trust that they are real even though you can’t necessarily reach out and hold it.

I believe in the benefit of the doubt. Twice. Then you get the wrath.

I believe in signs. Like DO NOT ENTER, CAUTION UNDERTOW or SASQUATCH CROSSING. I also believe in signs like the same little bird that comes visits me at my cabin every spring and lands on me to hang out for a spell. His name is Ian.  My friend Ian promised to visit me as a bird after he passed away and has kept his promise every year.  Just two weeks ago I was thinking or talking out loud to myself about how much I wished my parents could see this book being published. They would be so happy and proud of me.  Last week I got a random email from a person whose parents were friends with my parents in the early 50’s. She had letters that both my Mom and Dad had written to her parents talking about their new baby girl and how amazing and perfect and cute and smart she was… guess who!  This random stranger found the letters, searched for me and sent them. Absolute treasures, and thanks Mom and Dad.

I believe in magic.

I believe in G.O.D. (Great. Out. Doors.)

I believe in one love.

I believe in the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

I believe we all have secret super powers.

I believe we should always and only be ourselves.

And I believe in you. xx

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