Bunny Power


There’s the power of positive thinking, the power of words, the power of three and the Power of love. But there is no greater power in this universe galaxy than that of the Power of Bunny; also known as Bunny Power.

Now be warned – this is not child’s play. This isn’t your average hop, skip and jump through fields of daisies on a sunny afternoon that barfs rainbows. We’re not talking Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail or Peter. No run-of-the-mill Thumper, Bugs, Harvey or Trix. Not even close to Alice’s White Rabbit, Monty’s Killer Bunny or Aesop’s Hare.  Even Roger, Fiver, Mr. Energizer and Heff’s bunnies don’t make the grade. We’re talking hardcore Bunny here. A Bunny, who laughs at lucky key chains, defiantly wiggles his whiskers at fur collars, and a Bunny whose middle name is Stu.

Bigger than Santa and better than Stupid Cupid. Hanging out long before JC did, our little furry friend is not only a symbol of fertility, but thanks to his prolific, inexhaustible regenerating prose, has also become the impetus behind the bump and grind rebirth of our earth at the Spring Equinox.  Never resting on the laurels of such paltry deeds, Pagan legend has it, that the goddess Eostre found a wounded bird in the snow, and to help the little bird survive the winter, she transformed it into a rabbit… magically the transformation was incomplete and the rabbit retained the ability to lay eggs. In thanks for its life being saved, the rabbit took the eggs and left them as gifts for Eostre.  And so TEB got his celebrity name.

I think the Easter Bunny rocks. He’s a Lagomorph among Rodentia. The trickster archetype, one of the twelve celestial animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and in Native American Ojibwa mythology – the Great Rabbit, is an important deity related to the creation of the world…hmm interesting. To me, he’s a snappy dresser with a generous nature for giving. A notorious lover with big feet, and of course those big ears. Which when you think of it form a peace sign, and that’s pretty powerful. But his power goes far beyond the miraculous task of turning eggs into chocolate. A divine symbol of good and giving, the power of Bunny is a gift he gives us all, just for believing in him. He is ever everlasting and omnipresent and once invited into your life, you too will experience a new beginning. Unlike other famous big wigs…The Bunny doesn’t ask anything of you – no rules or regulations to abide by, no bunny book to follow, no bunny place of worship. His dogma – hop if you’re happy, your prayers – to the Goddesses of chocolate, and The Bunny loves everyone – toad, orangutan, weasel and worm the same.  He is supreme and embodies quintessential magic. So I ask, do you believe in The Easter Bunny? I believe. And just like every spring, I am born again.

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