My Lust for Lists


Hello my name is Patty and I am a list lover. I’m also a speed bunny who can run circles around Mr. Energizer. I’ll make this snappy because time is of the essence and I have ten million things to do…on my “TO DO LIST”!

The concept of patience is a mystery to me. I believe in the power of now…or better yet…yesterday…and quite often question what took you so long? My desires are imminent, immediate and my personality is such that I just want to know how to do, what I want to do, to get where I want to be NOW. Just give me the dirt, the 101, the short and sweet to the point ammo so I can get busy and make shit happen! I don’t have the luxury to leisurely contemplate the 50 possibilities of what I want to accomplish today. Time is a ticking and I want things done lickety-split. I’m a busy girl with a big bucket list, who takes multi-tasking, multi-manifesting and multi-managing to a whole other level. We’re talking triplicate of tiers to the power of 3, echelons of hierarchy, decoratively arranged in a fanfare of rainbow colour-coded post it notes.

I’m not completely sure why I feel this need to masterfully manipulate and maximize my time so to fit as much as possible in – other than I’ve witnessed how suddenly short life can be and I don’t want to waste a second

So a while back, during a time of “therapeutic healing” (aka total major meltdown), I found myself on a quest for answers. I desperately wanted to know how to get from point A to point B in the quickest, most painless and productive way. My coach suggested volumes of really excellent books averaging on 200 pages each, which would provide me with possible insights and inspiration. They made nice doorstops. I’d pile them high; neatly coloured coordinated of course and kick them from time to time. Who I ask has the time to read that much blabbity blab blab bla? No offense great minds and gurus but I needed help now. And it’s not because I am lazy, or I didn’t think they had value, it was simply my impatience and intolerance of the time I felt I would be wasting. I know… I know… it’s about the journey. So I shared my disdain for this laborious Herculean endeavor with my coach, begging her to provide me with something simpler, more immediate, more like Coles Notes and she replied quite simply – then you write it.   And so my journey began. A challenge to take one topic and simplify it into a meaningful and manageable list. That task has since snowballed into over 80 arenas of emotions; happy stuff and stressy stuff which now make up my book!

So to illustrate my point…I present you with the top 11 favourite expressions of an impetuous energizer bunny:

  1. KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
  2. Make a long story short.
  3. Just the facts Ma’am.
  4. Less is more.
  5. There’s no time to lose!
  6. What are you waiting for?
  7. So what’s your point?
  8. Hurry scurry little furry.
  9. Jump to it.
  10. Chop Chop Buttercup.
  11. Give it to me in a nutshell.

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