Confessions of a Warrior Princess


Be prepared – the following is your official warning!

I am not delusional.  People who have known me for years can vouch for that. I just choose to skip to the beat of my own drum. I think “they” refer to it as eccentric – I just think it’s an exciting way to live!  I feel things really big. I see sparkles in light, animals speak to me, the wind whispers secrets and I can feel the vibration of energy like tsunamis. It’s just my nature, my connection with the universe and I am very grateful for it.

I believe in magic. Heck I believe in unicorns!  When I was little, my Dad would gather my sister and I every night under the chandelier (it was a cheap knock off from Woolco) and we would talk to the faeries. We’d tell them our wishes, happy thoughts for our friends and family; we‘d tell them our fears and then go to sleep knowing they were there to watch over us.  I still talk to the faeries; I just don’t have a chandelier, now they live in my squirrel lamp.

I was born into a really weird family. But then who isn’t? Thankfully I too was born weird. As a kid I struggled with language and learning. Happily my magical Dad told me to just make believe and make it up. And so I created a lot of fantastical things in my imagination; people, places and otherworldly and wordily possibilities.  Throughout this blog and most definitely throughout my book you will encounter words that I made up. Dad always said if you say them enough, people will start to use them. There is a glossary at the back of my book to help you unveil my Pattisms.

I suck at spelling. In fact I have no real affection for punctuation, periods or proper prose for that matter. Picture Jack Kerouac meets Dr. Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland and they get drunk. It’s a free-for-all wildly flowing and frolicsome joy ride infused with uninhibited artful expression of verbulation.  The lack of punctuation brings me peace.   So don’t expect it.

I am a life lover.  No, not a saccharine, fluffy Pollyanna-do- gooder type, more of a hard core Heidi marching up the mountain with some friendly goats to keep her company kinda gal.  Point is – I will always choose light over darkness – even when I’m stuck up to my neck in mud. So if positivity, hope and happy thoughts aren’t your cup of sugar beware – because you’re gonna get a big tablespoon of it.

And last but certainly not least because you’re crazy if you think I’m sharing all my secrets (like how to speak snerny berny) – but this much I know is true…everyone is scared, nothing is perfect or should be, and love really does conquer all.  Own you own light.


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