What’s it all about Elfa?


Well gather around and I’ll tell you a little story!  For those who don’t know me well yet…Elfa is one of my nick names. It was born from my love of faeries, pixies and elfin folk in combination with my somewhat alfa female like prowess…..or what I prefer to call my “Warrior Princess” persona.

Anyhow without giving everything away…in a nutshell, my soon to be famous book  “How to Live like a Chipmunk and Other Tips on Living an Awesome Sauce Life” is a handy-dandy, cut to the chase, tell it to me simple, real life “how-to” guide for all the different situations that life throws at you.

I’ve created over eighty instructional lists for both happy and stressy life scenarios – everything from how to be vulnerable, brave, joyful, confident, and love yourself to coping with grief, anxiety and online dating!   Each and every experience being one I have tackled and gotten my badge for.

Each life situation is jam-packed with smart, sincere, sarcastic and saucy – awesome saucy, that is – sensibilities that are true to the core and straight to the point. Eleven points to be exact. Eleven because 10 steps are doable and one for good luck.

Inspired by the practical and productive panache of a chipmunk and driven by my lust for lists, my intention is to provide you sure-fire ways to tap into possibilities and choices on this adventure called life.

I’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes that it will spark a smile, debunk the ordinary, amp up the extraordinary and offer up options to live your most Awesome Sauce life.

There’s tons more to share, and I promise I will, but for now I just wanted to give you the 101 on what to expect – but if you know me you should expect the unexpected!  I’ll go into more detail and even let you in on some of my secrets and tricks, trip-ups and happy endings as we wait together for this dream to come true.

I started writing this book 4 years ago, but in truth it’s my lifetimes’ worth of living and learning that I’ve put to paper.  The manuscript has been handed off to the Publishing Gawds and will be “loved & petted” for a month or so before we’re able to hold it in our hot little hands!  So until then, let’s have some awesome sauce fun and celebrate all the good things to come!



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