Ode to Pinky.


A face full of freckles topped with Bozo the clown fire engine red curls.

A cherub on the outside. A mad trickster on the inside.

A great back scratchier, starfish finder and friend to all faeries, especially the ones that lived in our chandelier.

He made a mean pot of wieners and beans. Swiss Chalet was his favourite treat, Cheesies his addiction.

He liked to hide and jump out and scare me for giggles.

He loved animals and bugs, especially butterflies.

His favourite show was Archie Bunker and Animal Kingdom.

He was a banker but really wanted to cycle around the world.

He taught me to swim and dared me to jump off the 60 ft diving board…hence the saying…”never dare a Lowry”.

He loved Sarah Vaughn. I took him to see her and he yelled out “I love you Sarah”!

We use to bury the fish that washed up on the shore at the cottage.

He played Santa Claus for children.

He loved to embarrass me in public by singing at the top of his lungs.

He wore bunny ears.

He yelled at the toaster. He wanted to kill the newspaper boy. And he cried for days when Tippy our family dog died.

He had a memory like a steal trap.

The first three words he scribbled after being in a coma for 4 months were “Elly, Patrick and Tuna”. The forth was Income Taxes.  He then proceeded to defy science with a quarter of a brain left and re learned to breathe, talk, walk, read, write, tie his shoelaces …all the while flirting with his nurses.

He was completely brilliant and wonderfully bonkers.

He had the imagination of a child.

He believed in magic.

He was a miracle.

He always called me Patrick.

He was my Yogi and I was his Boo Boo.

Two peas in a pod. I am proud to be my father’s daughter. The luckiest girl in the universe galaxy!

Miss you, love you forever Pinky.  xx Patrick

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