Kissing monkeys.


Hello my name is Patty and I am an adventurer.  There is nothing I love more than to escape as far as I can possibly imagine into another time and space and explore a dusty road, a sandy shore, or rugged mountain range. I love to look into the eyes of strangers and make new friends. I love to observe how a town wakes up. I love the cacophony of markets. The silence of sunrise.  I love the taste of local beer. I love waking up and having no idea, no set image of what I am about to see…and always being surprised. I love to wander and wonder. Sit and simply soak it all up. I love to pet each and every stray, cat, dog, llama and monkey to name just a few. I love to eat food I can’t recognize, drink potions I’ve never tasted and join in and become one with a culture that helps to expand my soul.  I love to be anonymous; brand spanking new, and unveil whatever and whomever the heck I feel like. I like telling my jokes and stories that you’ve all heard a thousand times before and be the entertainer. I love to sit in a jungle, in a temple, in a hut and breathe in the sweet air; the musical sounds and know that I am free, completely utterly free and unavailable to anyone and anything. It’s such an ultimate state of absolute bliss….and then a monkey comes and sits beside me.

I am taking off on another adventure this Wednesday for 2 weeks to Bali. To disappear and re-fill my kaleidoscopic molecules with more colours, scents, flavours and emotions. This is my magic and my medicine and it will once again change me for the better. This is a blessed opportunity to remove myself from my mundane routine and comfort zone, and plop myself on a new path with no idea nor plan where to walk next!  To have to hone in to trust and rely on my senses, to communicate with heart and creativity, to shift, jiggle and wiggle with calm and grace through moment by moment fortunes and failures. To be flexible, yet sturdy, brave and brazen – all the while expanding my mind, my heart, my imagination and possibilities thanks to new human, nature and worldly experiences.  This is a gift. A gift I feel is vital to my being and one I am so beyond the moon and stars excited and grateful for.

Sure, I’m a seasoned adventurer, and yes I was packed 2 weeks ago and have it down to a science…but  each time is like the first time, there are nerves, full out fears, and a long list of “what if’s” but those are my badges to earn, my scars to show off and stories to own.  It is exhilarating like knowing Santa is coming and leaving you presents but no idea what’s inside. It’s emancipating to let go of control, to do’s, should do’s and time.  It’s empowering to be just little me, off on the other side of the world making out with monkeys and climbing volcanoes. It gives me the chutzpah to know I can handle anything. I become wiser, more resilient, more creative and so much more appreciative of life.  Cause you know what…there’s only one.  One day we’re here and quite possibly the next we are gone. And if I have taken any lesson of life to heart it is to live. Live to the fullest. Go big or go home. Money smoney. Be brave. Explore this awesomely amazing world and fill up your cup to the rim then take a big fucking slurp!   Bon voyage see ya in 2 weeks xx

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