Hey Yule!


I’m sitting in my den looking out the window and the snow is coming down. It finally feels like winter. The sky is battleship gray, with lethargic, heavy-hearted artic clouds sinking in to stay. The branches of my massive 70 foot pine tree are dusted with diamond flakes as the squirrels have now become frantic for the peanuts hidden under the newly fallen snow.

It’s a special time of year; besides it being Christmas; for me, my Winter Solstice is near.  Next Wednesday, December 21st an “astronomical phenomenon” will occur marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. “Solstice” originates from two Latin words: sol meaning “sun” and sister meaning “to stand still”. This longest night of the year, is followed by a renewal of the sun.  It’s a cosmic sciencey thing that I can’t properly explain, but what I am happy to express is the magic that comes from this.

Midwinter’s eve is a magical time of ritual, reflection and renewal.  It’s a time of quietude, a time to plant our dream seeds and let them germinate in the frozen earth. It’s a time of stillness, when our rivers slow down and remind us to ponder our pace to one of repose. We step into an abundant cave of darkness, a safe place to rest, to replenish and incubate our desires. A time to cuddle up under winter’s blanket and let ourselves fall into a deep and beautiful sleep. A soul-searching time to foster and befriend our creativity, to be gentle in our thoughts, and authentic with our hearts. Winter Solstice presents a time of courage along with lessons for the need to withdrawal, be silent, be contemplative all with the purpose of renewal.

Ahh doesn’t that sound nice?  I invite you to join me in welcoming the Winter Solstice.  Consider marking this special day and celebrating a new tradition. A ritual that ignites our spirit founded in the love of nature and respect for the renewing cycles of life. You can simply say thanks to the wonder of winter or if you want to try something a little more magical – traditional rituals of respect for Mother Nature include ringing bells at sunrise and sunset, offering seeds to winter birds and of course peanuts to the squirrels and creating a circle of candlelight, blowing them out and sitting in the darkness for a few moments expressing your gratitude, wishes and prayers.

Make Peace on Earth, Make Peace Within
At the Sun’s Rebirth & ‘Round the Wheel Again.                
Blessed be.

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