Thanks giving.  Giving thanks.  Either way you slice the turkey it’s about being grateful for all the blessings, lessons, giggles, jiggles and wiggles we have in our lives. And not just because it’s the big bird day, or it’s the polite thing to do; it’s about being aware every day and in every way to see and think about our lives in a gosh darn holy shit we are fricking lucky…even when life isn’t perfect (imagine that).

Being grateful puts everything in perspective. Like my Mum said – “it can always be worse”. Feeling gratitude helps us to focus on what we have, not what we don’t and creates a playing field of deep understanding, appreciation and humility…all which lead to being happy ( and man oh man am I ever grateful for that!).  Being grateful is also a conscious choice – to choose not to complain but instead be satisfied, to look at the bumps as lessons, to see our experiences as gifts and not take them for granted and most importantly realize the value that every day brings. Once we start to see the vastness of our lives, the fortune of our possessions, the magic in moments, the feasts on the table, friends in our circle, opportunities in our path – we begin to see just how good we got it.

So count your blessings. Literally. Write them down every day, say thanks to the TTC bus driver – even if he’s snarky.  Say thanks the chill of fall and grab your favourite sweater; say thanks to the gorgeous flavour of buttertarts and the softness of Sadie’s insanely fluffy fur!  Say thank you bumps and bruises – you make me stronger and give a big fat shout out of thanks to those who test you and push you – for they help you to realize that even in the dark there are pockets of light.

So without further adieu…Just saying thanks!

Thank you for my health, mind, imagination, creativity, family & friends, Angus, Pagan, Charlie, Sadie & Alfie; my senses, laughter, hope, trust; my home and cottage, my job & coworkers; the ability to travel, the Zen of sewing, puttering in gardens, playing with squirrels, chipmunks, birds & bugs, thank you for ample food and water; for extraordinarily delish food and whisky, wine & plain ripple chips. Thank you for freedom, peace, democracy, magic,  nature, my river, forests, faeries; friends who drive me places, perfect blue steak, birds singing, lady bugs, dragonflies, and even toads.  Thanks you sunny day with a crisp fall nip in the air, Freddy the squirrel eating his peanuts and chattering back with thanks.  My harvest is so full.

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