It all started about a week ago…it was early one morning, the curtains were wavering due to a slightly brisk breeze that found its way to the one loose curl on my head taunting it until I woke up.  It annoyed me. Then I was getting dressed and felt the unnatural urge to wear jeans for the first time this summer – which upon trying to pull on didn’t fit.  I had a bit of a meltdown…they fit in May!?!?!?  Then on my way to the bus…the last straw hit me like a barrel of hay when the bus pulled up there was an ad about the CNE… and that’s when I first noticed the twitch.  It progressed throughout the day – the occasional shiver, brain twinge, followed by an overall restless malaise wrought with angst. Someone said it was allergies – oh yea I’m allergic all right.

I don’t want summer to end. I don’t want to go back to school. I don’t want to wake up early, spend my day in a classroom reckoning with algebra. I don’t want to do homework or study for tests. I don’t want to wear pants, let alone socks and shoes. I don’t want it to be dark. I don’t want to rake leaves. And I really don’t want to witness the countdown to Christmas.

I don’t want any of it and frankly I’m experiencing a serious bout of end of summer blues…make that the navy blues. So yea I know I’m not really going back to school (frack…does that mean I don’t get a new pencil case and back to school outfit?)…but it’s still a very visceral time of year that triggers a shifting into a different season or vibe. A heavier, kinda need a sweater vibe.  A saying bye-bye to the sense of freedom, ease, joie de vie and ice-cream vibe.  I can feel my feet already beginning to mourn the loss of bare-footedness. My freckles fading into a fish belly white complexion reminiscent of bleak and baron snow laden fields of winter. The woe of winter overcomes me. I am verklempt.

Please, please just stay a little longer. I’ve become accustomed to your beautiful rays, your warmth and sunny exposure, you light up my days with positivity and cheer.  We’ve become so close over the past few months; I’ve tippy-toed barefoot in your streams, slept with you in your wildflower fields, and explored your deepest woods.  I covet you for your outdoor festivals, patios, cottage time and long weekends. You are beautiful as you rise in the morning and even more magnificent when you lay to rest in the evenings.

So what’s a full on sun worshipping, wear as little as possible, beach babe, forest frolicking summer loving had me a blast girl to do? I’m going to defy FALL. I’m telling it to take a hike and putting the entire season on Strike for two more months. I will protest by wearing my flip flops into October.  I will not switch my seasonal closets – I will layer. I will say NO to sweaters, overcoats, scarves, hats and Gawd forsaken gloves. I will not purchase my fall purse until November. I will not make stew.  I will soak up every last ray of light and catch freckles until the first snowflake falls and I will stock my freezer with Gin popsicles so everyday feels like a sunnier, happier day!  As much as summer is a season – it’s also an attitude and way of living and I for one plan to keep it hot to trot for as long as I can!

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