You never know what’s coming around the bend.


Life is a mystery. No matter how hard you try and plan it, control it, set it in motion, dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s” life happens.  Maybe it’s a ferocious toad that causes you to slip and impale your leg, maybe it’s that top step you missed, tumbling you down the flight of stairs that prevents you from going to climb that mountain in China; or maybe it was a chance meeting of sixteen gorgeous, hunky Canadian canoeists just happening to be paddling by on an otherwise infrequently travelled river.

This weekend while floating in my magic river with three girlfriends I mentioned this moment could only be better if in fact a canoe full of handsome men came paddling by. Within one second, not 1, not 2, not 3, 4, 5, nor 6 but 8 red Algonquin canoes each adorned with classic, shirtless, lumberjack worthy men came paddling around the bend.  I’d say that was “manifesting” at its best…and it was a good lesson in reminding me that something good can be just around the corner.

I for one enjoy the surprise and the serendipity of life. I love the plethora of possibilities any given day or moment can bring.  Sure, some surprises may be challenging, sad and even frightening, but I also believe it is within ourselves to embrace what life has to show us and see the silver lining, turn it into a lesson, a badge and expand our capacity for empathy.

Now I’m no Pollyanna  – I’ll stomp my little size 5 foot all over the injustices I may feel from time to time – but I’ve found, the sooner you feel it, you can deal with it and move onto healing it.  Needing to control everything or knowing exactly what is going to happen next in the grand scheme of life is not only boring, it’s exhausting and it’s also a life being lived in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, anxiety, the truth or consequences of an action and our ability to cope with the outcome.

I like to look at having faith in the unknown as being like a stranger who’s going to be my new best friend – but I just haven’t met them yet. There’s no point fearing I won’t like them, worrying about getting to know them, figuring out the how to be with them, whether we’ll be besties or instant enemies.  The story is yet to unfold – trust it will be a good one.  Or as I always say – assume a box of kittens and not a box of scorpions.  And even when we run into some stinging encounters – I am sure there will be a good lesson in it.  (Like don’t chase ferocious toads …just saying).

So embrace the element of surprise, the mystique of mystery, the climax of a good cliff-hanger.  Marry the notion of unknown to adventure. And when all else fails simply change the “fear of the unknown” to the “beer of the unknown”…who doesn’t want to try a new beer?

Be open, believe and trust – good things are coming around the bend.

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