Thank you.


I love rainbows. I love unicorns, bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks. Heck I love every single last furry, feathery, scaly, bumpy skinned, buggy beautiful creature in the universe galaxy. I believe in faeries, ghosts, magic, miracles and shit wonders.  I love to be in nature, hit a dirt road somewhere off the beaten path in another corner of the world and get lost. I love sitting on my cottage step and speaking Snerney Berney. I love making up words. I love that I have a job that invites me to be creative. I love that I am always learning. I love being ridiculously silly, spontaneous and have very few inhibitions and I love that my friends love me for that. I love sewing and I love that every time I do it, Mum is with me. I love that my Dad and I are two “P’s” in a pod (Pinky & Patrick). I love that both my parents really believed in me. I love that I am surrounded by incredibly kind, interesting, funny, brilliant people who have supported me, had the utmost of patience with me, carried me when I needed lifting and help share the goblet when life is full.

I live an Awesome Sauce Life.

Today is a pretty gosh darn fricking off the chain, bowl full of cherries Awesome Sauce day. My little ditty is real. My lifeline of experiences is free from the vault. Free to find their way into the hearts, minds and spirits of others who are open to the possibilities life presents…who are open to living their most Awesome Sauce Life.

In a gesture of ginormous gratitude on this super sparkly occasion I want to express humongous thanks and massive loviation to my family, friends – near & far, fellow freaks, peeps and pets; to the strangers on the bus who smiled, the squirrels who always gave me a wink and the faeries in the chandelier.

This day wouldn’t be complete without a few select Oscar worthy shout outs to my tireless tribe mates whom without their kindness, patience and hard work – I would have never been able to accomplish this big girl thrill on her own.

To my ever fizzy and fantastical lifeline Kate Sharpe – you are my rock and my star.

To the brilliant and kind Chris Abbott – thank you for perfectly capturing my words with your cover and inside designs, as well as all the OMGAWD technical thing-a-ma-jiggy stuff you made work on my FB and Website.

To my brother from another mother Mike Dineen – thank you for your super smarty-pants wordy wisdom and wordsmithing and always being at my beckon call (aka MIKE HELP THE CEILING IS FALLING DOWN!)

To the magical Eleanor Healy – thank you for your expertise, asking really good questions and helping me “love, pet, hug & squeeze” (aka edit) my baby.

To every one else I know, love, admire, find inspiration and life lessons from – thank you. To those who make me burst out loud laughing, cry like a baby, question, wonder, ponder and push myself harder – thank you. To those who break my heart, test my spirit and rally me to be resilient and resourceful – thank you. And last but not least to Mom & Dad – thank you for believing that what made me different is what made me magic.

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