What’s your claim to fame?


I really hate to brag…but if you must know, I am the undefeated, unbeatable, unbelievable cottage “caps” champion for 11 years straight…I’m running out of room for my trophies as a matter of fact.  (For those of you born pre 1980… “Caps” is a drinking game where you turn over the cap and balance it on the neck of the bottle, then sit opposite your opponent and flick the cap at their cap to knock it off and make them drink – the better you are the tipsier they get)…let’s just say Eagle Eye Lowry is always the thirsty one. I also hold the record for tying the most cherry stems in a knot, in a row – which would be 13. Did I hear someone say SKILLS? Ahem. I’ve also kissed Billy Idol, David Bowie and Steven Tyler, not all at the same time, individually…although that would be interesting. Oh and last but not least I won Brownie of the Year in 1969; it’s on my resume.

So what’s your claim to fame? I just love asking this question.  It provokes the greatest responses. People are often puzzled, pause and have to dig deep to really think about what defines their fame? What is fame? Am I famous?  Well of course you are!  What I especially love about this questions is the answer doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your job, your status, or what you have created (be it a book or a baby). It even isn’t necessarily about something public, a performance, art piece, degree or other accomplishment, in fact it could be something very private – a secret you hold deep in the vault. What this question inspires for me is an open opportunity for possibility to create our own fame.

Fame – and I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian kinda fame; but more the illustrious sense of what do you want to be known for? Talked about? Remembered by? Loved for? What is it about you that resonates with people? Defines you, makes you, YOU and wonderfully famous for it?

So take a moment or ten and think about it. Foster your sparkles. Shine your own light and claim your own fame!

Here are my top 11 infamous claims:

  1. Being a wild ass adventurer.
  2. Talking to animals (they talk back).
  3. Believing I will win an Oscar one day.
  4. Owning a magical place called Kamperslut.
  5. Scardiating people (The art, study, practice and perfection of hilarious, immature acts with the intention of scaring the bleep out of peeps.)
  6. Breaking my back, collarbone, cheekbone, legs 3 times, shattering my right foot & ankle, left wrist, hand & fingers, heart 3 times and spirit once and can still being able to do a mean cartwheel.
  7. Speaking my mind and telling the truth.
  8. Spontaneous dance parties.
  9. Proving the naysayers wrong.
  10. Believing in the faeries that live in the chandelier.
  11. Being me.

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